Wednesday, January 11, 2012

For today.

I am Vanessa. A new wife.
I drop things, burn things, misread the directions.
I trip, slip, and find creative ways to fall.
I am in a constant state of dreaming and my head is in the clouds.
I am scatter brained, forgetful, and inspired.
I have messy hair and chipped nails.

To be perfect is certainly not a concern of mine. But to live and give others life is what I'd die for.
I am not in the business of impressing others, but to urge others in the direction of doing what they love and what makes them free.

All this to say... Being newly married forces me to find new discoveries about myself daily. Like I said in my last post, I have been through a year of constant change. My life is slowly returning to some sort of normalcy, (as normal as it will probably ever be) and now I am looking at what the past year has produced. I have never been over-confident with myself. The past 3 or 4 years I have been figuring out who I am and getting comfortable with... me. The more I figure out who I am, the more I realize I am not normal. I mean... yeah... who is? But really... I am NOT normal. haha! I really don't mind. I just see that I don't fit into this society the way people would like me to, and I think I am finally ok with not fitting that mold. I still dream like a child. I sing, I dance, I laugh uncontrollably at all the wrong moments. I am not as bold as I'd like to be, but my heart is fully in the things I put my hands to and my words are always sincere. I didn't go to college or read a ton of books, but here I am with a business and a vision inside of me. I am nowhere close to where I want to be... but slowly and surely I am getting there. I fall everyday and my heart goes so far, but my Jesus picks me up and calls me lovely.

Today I am excited about life.
Let your brain be fueled with inspiration from your heart.
Never stop doing what you truly love and what makes you happy.
There is a purpose in the things God has placed in your heart.
Go. Jump. Dig in deeper and challenge yourself.


Rachel Sims said...

Love this!

Emily said...

Vanessa, I have always admired your non-normal-ness. You inspire me to break outside of the mold and do things that I love, and not compare the things I love to anyone else's things they love. :) You are truly a remarkable young woman. :)