Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Hope your 2012 is off to a wonderful start! I love this time of year and the refreshing it brings. Thinking back at the past year... SO much has happened! Sometimes you don't realize it until the year is gone. I must say I am quite satisfied with my year.

-January: Travelled for a few months in Asia experiencing a different culture and doing mission work. 

-April: Got home from Asia, started full time photography, turned 21, and got engaged! 

-May-August: Enjoyed planning my wedding while shooting some great weddings during the summer, started at my new church LWC, bought our first home.

September- October: Got married, moved, and got our puppy, Indie. And the list goes on... 

I loved this year. Of course there were many challenges and changes along the way. I feel like because it was a year of CHANGE it was a year of discomfort and a year of growth. Through it all, I have grown to be so in love with God and he has been SO good to me through this year. I can only look forward to next year with expectation of growth in my personal life, relationships, and business. It doesn't mean it is going to be easy- my biggest trials produce the biggest growth. 

So... blabbing on! I am just excited to see where this new year brings us. I already see challenging things ahead- but I don't have to fear because God is using it to shape who I am and produce character. 

This winter I am really focusing on my studio work. Now that I have my own place and some equipment  I have been having a lot of fun dinking around with posing, lighting and props. I am focusing on photographing newborns and babies. I am so excited for the upcoming shoots! I know I am going to learn a ton. If I haven't been learning enough!!! So spread the word about Vanessa Raquel Photography! I started off the new year with my new referral system that I am super excited about! Check it out and join in! ! ! ! 

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Anonymous said...

Vanessa; you are so creative, I love your ideas and how you present them. We love you and pray for you. Blessings...dad/Dave:-).