Wednesday, January 18, 2012

New things!

Hope everyone's day is off the chain awesome today. It's just another great day to be alive =) Yesterday I spent the better portion of my day re-designing my business cards. I am SO happy I took the time to do this because my last card was a fail (First one below). I have a ton of other drafts and ideas- but I didn't save any of them! (Now I wish I would have to show you my thought process). But my first few designs were just too busy for a little card, the letters were too small, and the paper I chose was flimsy and weird. So 500 business cards later, here I am beginning again. And I really like what my 2nd design brought me! 

I brought in many elements from the first card to get what I wanted but make it more practical. I wanted something quirky and creative so I threw in the "tape" effect and made the front extremely simple. Ignore the email address... I'm in the process of switching my email to another name to make the address shorter. Try writing "" 50 times a day... it gets old! Don't know what I was thinking when I first made it. So anyways... living and learning! 

It's been fun venturing into the design world. It is far above me, but I'm slowly learning! I am working on a few projects for clients and am loving it! I will be posting some of my work here and there and soon putting my portfolio on my website. Yay for new things! 

Old stuff. 
(Back, Front) 

Much love! 

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