Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Meet Indie. 
She brings much joy to our little home. Yes, she is as sweet as she looks!

I have been asking Josiah (my husband) for a puppy for awhile now. We decided we wouldn't get one for a few months, maybe more. Josiah found these black lab pups on craigslist a few hours away for a VERY reasonable price. We decided we would get up at 3 the next morning and make our way to Stewart, Mn and arrive early to get the last female. As soon as we made it to Stewart and met little lovie Indie, we knew she was ours. She has been such a blessing to us and I know she will be even more of a blessing to have when my hubby is away. WARNING: you will be seeing more, many more, photos of her.  She's   j u s t   t o o    c u t e   ! ! ! 

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