Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Let me see the world behind your eyes.

Such a beautiful day to be alive. Me and Siah took time this morning to slow down and spend some time with the Lord. We did a devotional about reaching out and being a light to the world. Memories from my trip to Asia kept replaying in my mind. There are just some faces that are burned in my memory forever.
 Calcutta, India. 

School in the middle of the slums in Poipet, Cambodia.

Journal Entry from a day in Cambodia

Today we visited a school in the slums of Cambodia. We sat in on a class and gave the kids some cookies for break. I've never seen children with such excitement over a simple snack. They were all smiles from ear to ear. Their big cookie faces and squinty eyes stole my heart. There was one girl who was alone and crying (girl with the hat on the right) I walked over quickly to see what was going on. I held her hand and brought her over to a teacher. She had told the teacher the kids were stealing her hat and making fun of her. The teacher explained that the little girl wore a hat because she was ashamed. Her parents shaved her head so that when they go to the borders of Thailand she can look like a boy and beg for money and food. The girl just cried and cried. I held her until class was starting up again. I've heard these stories a billion times, but actually witnessing and putting a face to a story breaks my heart. Each one of these children have stories. I could never imagine my future children going through anything like this.

People accuse me of posting photos of children around the world to give people a guilt trip about what they are not doing and to feel bad for all we have. This is not my motive, however. My heart simply longs to bring an awareness to people who have never seen such conditions. I love when the lightbulb switches "ON" when people finally realize this life is not about us and our own little world. We have been given all we need to reach out to people in need whether it be in our backyards or around the world. It all starts with a simple awareness and a broken heart for those in need.

My awesome sisters and mother in law are leaving in a few weeks to work with a team to stand against the horrific reality of human trafficking in Cambodia and Vietnam. I am so blessed to have people in my life who have such huge hearts to bring justice to such a large issue. I am so proud of them and can't wait to see how the Lord moves through them!

(Left to right) My 2 sister in laws- Rachel, Sarah, Mother in Law- Susie and another team member Laura Cram.  Be praying for them as they are being bold to face some big issues in Cambodia and Vietnam. 

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Mary James said...

That is so incredible that they are going to Cambodia and Vietnam to combat human trafficking. I am very passionate about the issue! I hope one day to be able to have the opportunity your family does! I will be praying!