Saturday, March 13, 2010

Dear World.

Dear World Release
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What happens when you see the Homeless?
It's a moment of tension each of us have felt.
You are walking down the street. You see a homeless person. And you mentally
freeze. A million thoughts seem to swirl in your mind... "What should I do? Should
I do anything? Should I look at them? Give them money? Smile? Say hello?"
As you approach the homeless, you become more and more uncomfortable, and
the tension within increases.
What' happens next?
In 2008, a team of young artists spent two months in Portland, Oregon, to find the
answer to this question.
What resulted is a beautiful, full color book called Dear World.
Full of stories, examples, thoughts, inspirations, and challenges of how the body
of Christ can begin to live as Jesus lived, and reach out to those in our very own
communities, Dear World contains excerpts of letters written by the street
community to the world. Readers will meet Miranda - a former meth addict who
has found healing and restoration. They will meet Jeremiah, a young man who,
like many Americans, misjudged the economic stability and lost it all. Their
stories are paired with their portraits, and readers are given an eye-opening view
of what life is really like on the street - and how we can help people stay off it.
Revolutionary Media has reached the 2 year anniversary of this project.
In keeping with it's mission to "Rescue the Beauty", Revolutionary Media is giving
it's all to affect this issue; They are releasing Dear World to the public - absolutely
If you want to set aside the tension and confusion that you have always felt when
seeing the homeless, and are ready to be the hands and feet of Jesus in your
community, Revolutionary Media offers you an invitation:
On Saturday, March 13th to April 11th, join us in a campaign to affect the
homeless in love.

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