Monday, March 8, 2010

Teasers from recent shoots-

I have been busy busy lately with photography and focusing extremely hard on the business side of things. Here are some previews of the results from last weeks shoots! 

Tasha Isberner (check out her blog HERE)
This is Roboton1c. Jon Persitz (left) and J. Anthony (right)

Beautiful Baby Isabella 

The DeBoer Family 

Brady (above) Leia (below) 

I will be posting more from each shoot later on! Thanks for your interest in my blog- All bloggers love comments... So why not say hello? 

You guys are awesome! 


Meghan said...

Nessa these are all great photos!!! How have you been?

Michelle Miller said...

I seen those pictures of your friend when i was looking at your blog but didnt really think anything of it till you said something, we do look alike! haha craziness.

I came across you through facebook because i seen you want to IPS. I took PWP in january, and loved it. Your work is truly incredible. I was wondering what kind of lighting you use, or if you just use natural lighting?

Anonymous said...

Picture # 6 is the best thing ever.