Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My Sisser..

My beautiful, amazing, and gorgeous older sister (by 13 months) is now MARRIED! Since her engagement 4 months ago.. She has been planning and preparing for her wedding day January 2nd. It was amazing. It so completely reflected her and Luke and their relationship and who they are as individuals. It was beautiful. As the maid of honor- I didn't get to take as many pictures as I would have liked to .. But we left that up to Matt Swaggart.. he's great! Check out his stuff (www.swaggartphotography.com) So.. here is some snapshots from my sister's wedding day. Her and Luke looked amazing.. It was a day to never ever forget! Enjoy!

Thanks to everyone who helped make this day special to Brittany, Luke, Friends, and Family!

Also.. Check out www.beautiful-collision.com... Especially if you are engaged or getting married soon! Or even if you're already married.. or not getting married soon =)

Yours Truly.


Anonymous said...

So lovely!


Rose said...

Beautiful!!!! All of them!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Vanessa these are so beautiful!!! I'm so proud of you, you're a great photographer, a Godly girl, a great sister and you're going to do great things with your life!

Vanessa said...

Thank you!

Joanna- Aww thanks.. It was so good to see you! I CANT WAIT to see Matt's pictures! Me and Brit are so very excited!! You're too sweet =)