Tuesday, January 5, 2010

PhOtObOoTh ! ! !

At my sister's reception I set up my equipment and handed off my camera to a friend to take these pictures. We had a table of props set up and tried to give these pictures a bit of a photobooth feel. It was a fun way to get everyone involved and take some crazy pictures. Here are a few that were taken!

So SO fun =) Hope you enjoyed this silliness!


Deanna said...

This was the best idea. We had an awesome time. Keep the creativity flowin' girl.

Alli said...

These are awesome, what a great idea! I have to say... I absolutely love that one of you and Josiah!

Carissa said...

that was so cute! I love every single one... I definitely would love a "photobooth" at my wedding too.

Vanessa said...

Yeah it was definitely more of a success than I honestly thought it was going to be! So fun!