Tuesday, December 6, 2011


I am high on life. And Jesus. 
Every day is a new adventure whether I am sitting at home working in my PJ's all day or out and about. This season always makes me so thankful and happy to be alive. It's been an incredible year with so many things happening- can't believe it's almost over! Looking forward to exciting things next year. 

I don't really have anything else to ramble about! Except for I am really liking this Instagram thing. I just realized that I am great at capturing everyone's special moments... except my own! It is so hard to get out the huge camera everytime something happens or everytime we go somewhere. But now that I have a decent camera on my new Iphone it has been a joy to be able to just snap and upload and keep memories of my own =) Here's some snapshots from the last few days....

Looking forward to doing more shoots involving babies this winter with my set up indoors- yay!!

 If you or anybody you know need portraits of their newborn or baby preferably under the age of 2 let me know =) 

Much love! 

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