Friday, September 9, 2011

My problems fell out of the back of my mind.

I had my itunes on shuffle and good old Relient K tunes begin to play. 

"I'm pressin on, pressin on." I KNOW you know it! 

Well, it just describes my day... no matter how outdated it is! I have just decided to skip out on being stressed about these last preparations for the wedding and enjoy the madness (good madness) that will be happening in t-minus 8 days! I've waited for this day my whole life and I couldn't be more blessed with a more amazing mate. 

Tonight I found some time to just enjoy myself and clear my mind. It's about time I post photos in all of this craziness. Here are some photos from my soon to be home! I've been having fun collecting little things to make it unique and ours. 
Made my first espresso tonight with my new espresso maker! I've ALWAY wanted one. I was satisfied with my first cup.  Can't wait to have people over and seat them on my front porch to supply them with a bottumless cup of yumminess! 
Yes, We started a "WEIGEL TRACTOR FUND"! This is definitely a long term goal, but with a penny here and penny there and some faith... I think we can do it. lol

Small Beginnings: I am no cook, that's for sure! But I am striving to be grand.
I decided to start simple and small with Chicken and broccoli on tonight's menu.
 I look forward to exploring this home cookin ALOT especially with all of my new pampered chef tools =)
Here are 3 of my favorite finds:
-Tea holder deal: I bought this before we even bought the house at goodwill for $3.00. It is cute, useful, and it matches the kitchen perfectly! 
-J.R. WATKINS products: I discovered these products a few months ago and absolutely love them! The scent and the squeeky clean feel. (I will admit.. I REALLY love the super cute vintage labels.) 
-Vases: I think it is considered a vase anyways! I found these cute little vase deals at wal-mart for a few bucks. Every other time I go there I try to pick up one. They have cute little sayings and they are easy to be creative with.

We finally picked up our new kitchen table from my auntie Deanna! I absolutely love the character and all of the memories of dining at this table with her 6 kids. Maybe someday I will have my own 6 kids sitting around this beauty. haha =) 
The apron automatically makes you a better cook... DUH!

Well, There goes my ramblings! More to come soon as I pull more of the house together and learn how to cook. Have any tips?? LET ME KNOW! You guys are great. 

Much Love...

We're on to something good here, we're gonna make it after all! -Pressing On, RK

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