Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Wendsday. Wednsday. Wed. WEDNESDAY! I think that is the first time I spelled that right! I've had trouble with that one since 3rd grade.

Because it is the middle of the week and I love what I do- Here is a little update for you!!

 First of all... only 86 days until I marry Mr. Josiah Daniel Weigel!!

Secondly... We shined up "Mint", our good old custom Ford Explorer last week, and my precious friend Sarah took some engagement photos for us. We are so excited about them and can't wait to share more with you! 

I attended a seminar at Living Waters Church a few weekends ago called Kingdom Creativity. Kristen D'Arpa and her team were so inspiring the way they moved in their gifting that the Lord gave them. It was absolutely incredible to witness and experience what God is doing in the world of creativity. The truth is that everyone is creative. God is thee creator and thee most creative IN THE WORLD and he created us IN HIM IMAGE. He gave us the gift and ability to create. Whether it be in the art world, music, business, or everyday life. My eyes were so opened to different forms of creativity that God has placed in each of us. I was SO encouraged. 

Also I am SUPER STOKED about a new project coming up that I will be doing for Abort73. Check out their website!! (  

I was asked to take some photos of their new T-shirts for the website. I love what they stand for and their approach to spreading awareness about the truth about abortion. I bought a shirt last year and I absolutely  love it. It starts up some pretty interesting conversation with people around me and it opens up so many doors for me to share the truth and in that, share God's love. More info on that coming soon! 

ALSO... Me and my lovely friend Tasha are working on putting together a photo workshop for EVERYONE! It is our heart to just get together with a bunch of people who share the passion of photography to get together and expand our knowledge and in the process, getting to know eachother and creating a little community of creatives. I know you are out there! We are SUPER excited and more info is in the works. 

The tentative dates are set for 

THURSDAY, JULY 7th from 5:30-8:30 p.m.
SATURDAY, JULY 16th from 2:00-6:00 p.m.
THURSDAY, JULY 21st from 5:30-8:30 p.m. 

We plan on having the workshop in Elk River. More info soon!

Email if you are intersted! 
Invite friends, Invite yourself, Invite everybody!!! 
There will be a small cost to cover materials and snacks! 

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its a 1978 ford f150 custom explorer!!!