Sunday, June 19, 2011

My Daddy

Hope everyone had a pleasant father's day! Here's a tribute to my hero, friend, role model, and inspiration... my dad. 

I know you think your dad is the best, but truly... mine is! I might be a bit bias. Nahhhh haha

But truly- I have such a strong, caring, selfless, hard-working and loving father who has always been there for me. His heart stretches around the world to help those in need.. no matter the circumstances. His passion to share the love of Christ to the world and to his own family is contagious to all who are around. He is such a huge support in many different facets of my life and it is what keeps me going day to day. I hope you all got to honor your father today and give him a big hug... And for those of you who didn't.. We all have the best daddy in the whole world and his name is JESUS! 

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