Saturday, January 15, 2011

Hello Philippines.

Greetings from Philippines! FYI I will be blogging throughout this trip on my blog hopefully pretty often. We were blessed with wi-fi the first missions base we are at (In Batangas, Philippines) Our day of about 19 hours on planes went smooth and according to plan. We met up with my friend Tatum in Dallas, and met Yvonne in S.Korea. We flew into Manila around midnight and met up with Edmond (from YWAM) and got a nearby hostel. Side story- we split up and took 2 taxis to the hostel and our taxi was following. We lost sight of the taxi we were following with half our group in it and we had no idea where we were going or anything... the taxi driver was a little flustered and we were not worrying.. but concerned... not knowing where we might end up! haha But eventually our taxi called the company on the radio and got a hold of the other driver. Nothing too big- just another memory along the way.

This morning we took subways, buses, and jeepneys to get to our destination. Ate some good filipino food, met inspiring people, and are about to head out to our first outreach! Thank goodness I haven't felt any jet lag. I love it here. Our group, the atmosphere, people, Jesus. It's all great =) Will write more later! 

"Asian looking plane" Korean Air



marjorie said...

good pictures and thanks for the blog

Brittany said...

love you Nessa, cant wait to hear more about how you are doing and what you are doing!! miss you so much!!

makhi said... makhi from bauan batangas. . the church dat u visited this morning. . thenku for the wonderful and inspiring words from all of you. . .we are so blessed that we met all of you . hope that this is not our last day together. . in God's time and in GOD'S will,it will happen again. . .take care always. . .by the way. . nice voice. . hahaha. . GOD BLESS. . mwah!!!!