Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday Happy Friday!

Today has been a great Friday. Hung out with one of my favorite little guys, Cody- went to the craft store, played a ton of games, and made home made cards. It's my grandmama's birthday today- shout out to her =) Side Note: I love that we are going bowling for her party tonight... she's seriously so young and on fire and just loves Jesus so much and she's incredible and always lovely!
So.. I Posted some photos of a card and envelope I made for her. Kept it extremely simple... but had a blast putting it together. And I used Cody's watercolors. 

Moving onward and so forth.... 
I have always had a love for DIY projects, vintage schtuff, and crazy creative interior design ideas. The sites posted are are my most 2 visited sites the past few days that give me TONS of ideas and inspiration... I picked a few photos from and if I ever have the creative energy I have nowadays and time on my hands (ahem).. my future home WILL have this unique flair of DIY-y moderny vintagy. (FYI: I always put "Y"s at the end of words). My brain has been bouncing everywhere with crazy ideas of what I want to do. I think I have the whole layout of what my house would look like! Well.. Only to change tomorrow. 

Now the challenge is: sorting out the beautiful that have potential from the junk. The truth is I've found alot of things from thrift stores and antique shops that I thought I'd use... but instead end up in a pile of nothingness. But enough rambling for now. I'm just super excited about all of this today. 
Thanks for keeping up with me... and even if you don't- blogging is a wonderful way to get ideas flowing and to ramble =)

Happy Friday, Friends!


 **From Poetic Home**

There's so much more... But I'm good for now! Peace and Love.

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