Tuesday, July 6, 2010

illuminate |iˈloōməˌnāt|

illuminate |iˈloōməˌnāt|
illuminate |iˈloōməˌnāt|
illuminate |iˈloōməˌnāt|
light up flash of lightning illuminated the house |
figurative his face wasilluminated by a smile.
illuminator |-ˌnātər| |1ˈluməˈneɪdər| noun

I picked a word today, it was the word illuminate. 
Other words to describe- throw light on, brighten, 
shine on, irradiate. 

I want to irradiate with the light of Christ
Whether in words, thoughts, or actions. 
This is what I am called to do. This is purpose. 
Let my life be an illumination- bringing light
to the darkness. Simple thoughts from yours truly.

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