Thursday, July 29, 2010

Good Afternoon!

Just thought I better post some favorites from shoots this summer- Since I really haven't posted.. any... So here we go!

Elizabeth Gullings: 
A beautiful reflection of God's grace and unfailing love arms of love. Elizabeth felt the Lord saying he was painting a picture for her and it is a rainbow- she knew that was supposed to be incorporated into her photos. May we hold fast to the promises that God has given us!  

Rylin Strong:
I have had the privilege of taking Ry's photos since he was a few months old. He and his family were one of my first clients! He has such a strong personality and is way too adorable for his own good.

Took his 1 year photos last month- Sweet baby with amazing eyes. His cousin Teagan joined him later on- cuties



Ashley Olson said...

You do an Amazing Job!!Thanks so much for taking pictures of Jaden and Teagan!!

Vanessa-Raquel said...

Your welcome Ashley! I had so much fun