Thursday, December 17, 2009

A little creation

I have been home a lot lately as a result of not having a car. Since summer I have been without car. Sharing a car is horrible- I'm not going to lie. But on the bright side- I have been home A L O T ! When I had a car I was never home.. always busy.. always running. But this has forced me to slow down a bit and take time for other things in life. I just realized that as I started writing this. SO.. As a result of me being home.. I have started doing little crafty crafts that I have been wanting to do for a long time. Here is one...

I got the idea from
(she's my hero by the way. Go to her blog and get inspiration. lol)
But anyways.. here is one thing I have been doing. I think I will just keep making these and save them up for my wedding someday! Newspaper flowers- the way to go! I LOVE the idea =)

Here's a simple wise word from Nessa.

S l o w  d o w n .
This is the busiest month of the year.
But just sit. And wait. And be still.
And for you creatives out there- don't let the busyness of this world clog your precious creative minds! Keep doing what you love-
keep inspiring and being inspired!

Feedback is good, friends and strangers! I want to hear from you!


Deanna said...

K. Vanessa, I'm taking your advice. Today I decided to take the varied sized pine cones (I already have on hand) and dangle them in various heights, with fishing line, the top third portion of my windows. I can leave them up all winter b/c they aren't specifically christmas/they are winter ornaments.

P.S. Hope you get a car, soon. Give me a call if you need a ride somewhere, or just call if you want to come over.

Vanessa Bakken said...


Cute idea!!! I love it! I've been having so much fun just making things out of stuff around the house... it forces you to think creative and it's cheap!
Aw thanks so much! I'm just praying that the right car comes.. There's been a few close calls but so many have fallen through. It's kind of disappointing but I know God will bring one! I think I will stop by sometime =)