Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day 7

2nd post in one day- I'm impressing myself!

Today marks our 7th day here in Philippines. Some random little things I have learned.
-"Salamat" means "Thank You" in Tagalog (sp?)
-My brother is hilarious
-Filipinos have the best smiles
-Filipino Food: RICE RICE RICE
-I will be spending the rest of this trip with incredible people
-You expect to serve the people here, and get 10x blessings back
-God is faithful.
-Eyebrow raise means "Yes" or "Hello"
-Yvonne plays the drums
-You can eat a full amazing filipino meal for under $2
-White people are celebrities

Playing guitar on the balcony

Yes, they painted the chicky

Santa Clara, Batangas

Yvonne is awesome.

So happy =) 

Sarah Blesener loves me. 

The end. 

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dei's outlooks,! said...

Nessa, this was a great blog! =)
All of what you have wrote was true..
God Bless Us!..