Friday, January 28, 2011

Beautiful Things.

We're counting down to our last days here in the Philippines. We've had an incredible time here and it won't be easy leaving.... but I am also looking forward to new adventures in Indonesia! We have been staying with our new adopted family at a YWAM base in Nasugbu. After every outreach it always feels good to come back to a family and a home (and a HUGE delicious filipino meal). They take good care of us! This week we spent our time going to schools, bible studies, churches, and hanging out with the youth and just building friendships and sharing God's love and the word. It's been good. Oh yea- and on Tuesday we took a bus to the top of a mountain for a little taste of home (STARBUCKS) that overlooked volcanos and then we took this tiny jeep down the curvy mountain roads to the bay and took a sketch boat to the island deal where the volcano was. We skipped the horse rides (I swear they were oversized donkeys) up the volcano and hiked. It was glorious when we made it to the top =) And I want to emphasize- Starbucks was incredible. We finished up our last day here and tomorrow we will head out to Manila and then off to Indo. We had an incredible last day and we tried a Filipino delicacy: ABORTED DUCK. It is what it says.

Kids Bible Study

They were awesome.

Fail. I was in a hurry and left out the "s". Here's proof we found Starbucks.

Happy 80's hair! We took this jeep deal down the windy mountain roads.
The view from Starbucks- AH!

We hiked up the volcano at Taygaytay

We made it!
 Photo Credit (he's making me do this): Justin Bakken

Photo credit: Justin Bakken

So glad my bro is here =)
Photo Credit: Justin Bakken

They feed us literally everywhere we visit!

David and Goliath Skit

Feeding Program in the village. 

Proof that we did something kind of ministry haha 
This was at a high school we got the opportunity to go in and share.

Will be posting more photos maybe even tonight! I have to catch up =) 
Hope you enjoyed the ridiculousness of the longness of the blog. Thanks for sticking with me!!! Much love

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