Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Up to date.

For the past few weeks I've been on a little updating spree. 
Updating the portfolio, website, contracts, and prices. Fun stuff! I am realizing that my career in photography will rarely include me being behind my camera- but rather in front of my inspirations board (which is in the making) and in front of the computer screen. Whenever I get out for a shoot it's a breath of fresh air! But I love what I do and I hope others enjoy it as well =) Here's a few newer things on my site. I also started online proofing and ordering through a new place that makes it ridiculously convenient to order prints and view them! This was a good investment.  CHECK IT OUT. Nothing too special yet- I'm in the process of uploading billions of shoots as we speak! 

So... that's the fun stuff that's been going on lately. I've been having a blast with all of the shoots that took place in the beauty of fall. Definitely my favorite time of year! I have alot of posts coming up on those shoots. 

THANK YOU to all of you who encourage me. I've had a lot of amazing encouragement through these past couple weeks (which have also been the hardest) and it's definitely helped me move right along. Love you friends. 


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Anonymous said...

Nessa, I'm so excited for you! <3 you are amazing and you use your talent to give glory to God and to search and bring out the beauty in others. I love you!

~Rachel Mae~