Monday, March 1, 2010

For You =)

I have been a lazy blogger lately!! People ask when I'm going to update my blog.. haha Honestly I didn't think people cared.. But apparently some do. And I don't mind =) So for you people who actually read this.. this is for you!

Quick update-

I have been SO excited for spring! I have alot of fun photoshoots lined up and getting ready to start booking some shoots for summer! Referrals are a photographers best friend =) I won't be angry with you if you spread the word that Vanessa Raquel can satisfy your photography needs! haha

Today I began BrideInspired mentorship with the lovely Christina Dickson ( This is VERY exciting for me! Some of the things we will be working on is development, marketing and advertising, developing business systems, branding and style, and more! We will be working at these things by weekly calls, daily assignments, and however else. This is perfect timing for this opportunity to come along and I am ready to give myself to this challenge. To say the least, this girl is inspiring, brilliant, and amazingly talented and I can't wait to spend these 3 months working with her. Check out her blog (


I had a fun senior shoot with Jessica.. a beautiful friend of mine. Probably more coming soon!

Well.. that's if for today..Leave some love!

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Anonymous said...

you are so awesome!
the lighting is great
keep it up nesky!
you're almost there