Tuesday, February 2, 2010

3....2....1.... TAKE OFF!!!!

Alright friends!!! Beautiful Collision is officially launched! You may be thinking to yourselves ... Hmmm I wonder what this could be?!? I will gladly tell you that Beautiful Collision is basically, but not your basic photography and design for love birds getting hitched. Dan Peters http://revealmedia.tv/blog/ and I will be working to create stunning, original pieces of art that strive to be just as special as your wedding day itself- from your first ‘save the dates’, to engagement and wedding photography, to the final thank-you cards. We believe that there’s no such thing as a ‘traditional’ wedding, because every couples story is unique and exciting in its own way. Beautiful Collision exists to make the road to your wedding day a bit smoother. We are very excited to launch this new company! 

If you are looking to get married soon, or are and haven't taken this step yet- or if you know of anybody- Check out our website http://beautiful-collision.com/ 

So... What do you think?! Let me know your thoughts- any input is HUGE! 

Thank you thank you thank you!! 

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judith ann said...

this is amazing! love it!!!