Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Photoshoot with Ana

Ana has been an amazing friend of mine for years and years.
She is terribly beautiful and more than her outward brilliance, her inward beauty is far more stunning.
I still remember when she first came to Mn from Mexico.. My bonita Anita who didn't speak any english. Haha Love You Ana!
Enjoy these.. be inspired.. leave some love because I probably love you.




anaibnz said...

ohhhhwww nessa :'] your making me tear up!! haha i love you oh so much idk what i would do without your influence in my life!! i absolutely adore you and look up to you like no other!! I LOVE YOU VANESSA RAQUEL BAKKEN!!

Breezierosie said...

Ana you are so gorgeous and have such an amazing god given talent. Girl pursue your dreams you got the world at your feet(:

HellenG said...

Wow Vanessa what an amazing job. iam insipired! Ur such a good photographer! iam a fan! Anita looks Beautiful!

Carissa said...

Vanessa these are stunning! I love them..