Monday, December 14, 2009

Life is beautiful.

As my coffee is brewing, I ponder life. And beauty. And the beauty of life.

Things have not been easy lately.
Sometimes I pretend that it is.
We are living in some difficult times. Yes- we hear it all the time.

I wanted to blog about all the hard things going on- but there's been a slight change of plans.

Life is beautiful. No matter what we are going through.

Through this storm- I have found it's the simple things that I look forward to in my day that leave me content.


A hot cup of coffee while watching snow fall
A new revelation from the Bible
The start of a new book
Working up a new tune
Writing letters
Discovering truth
Re-arranging my room
Digging through the storage room looking for old memories
Enjoying the company of a 5 year old
Giving of time, money, or energy to support a cause
Taking a free portrait
Talking with an old friend
Discovering new local bands
Ruminating in antique shops
Planning summer trips
Learning guitar
Making music
Creating collectives
Filling an empty canvas 
Taking the old, making new
A new idea
Waiting in the silence
Photographing my perspective on life
Using my gifts, talents, and abilities to help others grow
Being close with family 
Talking to strangers

I love life. And life is beautiful. 
It is what you make it. 


Deanna said...

Vanessa, that truly is beautiful. I love your perspective even in the midst of hardship, keeping focused on real stuff. Keep praising Him in the storm. I love you so much, I love our family. I am blessed to have a niece like you.

BlessedCP said...

That is a gorgeous list and worthy of New Year's resolutions!