Thursday, December 3, 2009

Creating beautiful interiors with the things you love.

I found this beautiful book at Anthropologie earlier this week. 
Etc. by Sibella Court
Creating beautiful interiors with the things you love. 

I love it.
I love taking things that are meaningful to me and displaying it in my room as if it were a showroom. But not for other people, for me. 
I often find that when I create something crafty that I am so proud of most people don't have the same appreciation for it as I do. And that's ok. 

"There are no right or wrong combinations because it is your interior and it's a matter of finding what makes you happy." 

Most my happiness is found in pre-loved objects. 
Thrift stores, Antique stores, and the attic is where it's at.
You don't need new and fancy interiors that cost a fortune to make a room you love meaningful. 

Things I choose to use to create my style with things I love:

 old jewelry
old pictures
 beat up frames & vases

 old jewelry
collectables from places I've been:
 train and subway passes from Europe, Sea shells, postcards, jewelry. 

 The list goes on and on.
(pictures coming soon of what I chose to do)
Find the things that make you who you are.
Display it.

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