Friday, November 20, 2009

I have been breathing the air of this earth for 19 years now.
I have come to this realization and still struggle with it at times.

I am not a carbon copy. And I don't have to be one.

Simple? Yes.

No longer will I endeavor to blend in. It took me a LONG time to realize that it's ok to think differently and go about certain things different ways. All throughout school I felt boxed in like I had to think a certain way and develop into who I'm supposed to be- and not just BE me. I always saw who I was supposed to be like, but never saw who I was. Always working to be me, Instead of just being me. Obviously throughout growing up it's important to develop certain skills and you are always building character, But a foundation is what is important- and that foundation is you. And my foundation is set on the rock, my Jesus.

No longer will I fear to be unique. People may like me for it, people may hate me for it. But in the end- what really counts?

Let this be an encouragement. Find God. Be you.


Carissa said...

I really like this post, Nessa. It's really inspiring.

Vanessa Bakken said...

Thanks Carissa! I'm glad I know a few people read my blog =) hahaha

Tate said...

Hey just been going through all of your posts now that I have the chance. This one really sticks out to me, I can relate. Just wanna say thanks for helping make my eyes a little bit more open :)