Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I n s p i r a t i o n - P L E A S E .

There are some days that lack inspiration. Today is not one of them, But yesterday was.

It was just one of those days where basically nothing could get me in the right mood to create something as simple as a picture. (well.. if that's at all simple???..) I tried reading, grabbed some of my favorite coffee, went for a run, brainstormed... But nothing was inspiring me to press the shutter release.

So I sat down at my piano and just started to worship and then got into the word of God and he kept telling me..
THIS is where you draw your strength from.
THIS is where your inspiration comes from.
Your inspiration is ME.
Stop trying to do this on your own.

Talk about a brick to the head! HELLO!!! Who was I to try and stir myself up? Why do I try to give myself credit for the gift that God has given me?

So, I started shooting and seeing different faces.light.color.texture.emotion.beauty.
And then I remembered, the reason I do what I do is to unveil the true beauty of who Christ is.
The reason I hold this ridiculous "light tight box" is to take God's creation and capture the inner beauty on the outside..

God is always making us beautiful. In fact, it never stops.

He is always shaping and molding us into that person he made us to be.

The beautiful thing is God sees the finished product, he knows what he's doing. With every touch of the heart. But he loves us as if we were that perfect, finished product. Even though he knows we have flaws.

God is my inspiration for what I do. If I am not in tune with the spirit and lose sight of what he is doing in my life and around the world, I might as well not even pick up my camera.

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